Chelsea Fireclay Apron-Front Farmhouse & Undermount Sinks

HamatUSA Fireclay sinks are hand made in our Israeli Fireclay factory through a process that is both old and new.

We start with a proprietary blend of Fireclay slip that is shaped using the most advanced injection molding techniques on the market today. After being hand-brushed and sponged, the raw sinks are cured for up to 48 hours. Then they are sprayed with glazing materials and fired for over 20 hours in a kiln at 2200° F.

Being fired at such a high temperature causes the Fireclay material to fuse together with the glaze, creating the glossy, cool-to-the-touch finish that defines fine Fireclay. Our modern-traditional method results in sinks that are chip, crack, and scratch resistant-ideal for high-traffic kitchens. Fireclay sinks will last a lifetime, some of the oldest sinks in use today are of this variety.

Our Fireclay sinks also have the soul-satisfying benefit of being made from all natural materials that are completely lead-free, making them eco-friendly. We use our Fireclay process in Chelsea, a line of modern apron-front farmhouse and undermount sinks available in classic white, matte black, matte grey and biscuit. All are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty and crafted with the same quality and durability that is a signature of HamatUSA Sinks.